Friday, January 29, 2010

One Quick Trip

We went on a trip this past week to Logan, Utah. We left late on Sunday night and drove through the night to get to Logan by noon. We were going to Logan for a funeral of Desmond Anderson. He was our next door neighbor and became such a blessing to us. I wrote an article about him and will post that at the bottom. We loved seeing his sweet wife, Loila, and hearing all about Desmond.

After the funeral the kids were getting tired and cranky so we left and stopped to get some dinner. Loila was so sweet and invited us to the dinner afterwards but our kids were just so tired and worn out. (I don't blame them after having to ride in a car all night -- 12 hours straight.)

After eating we headed back down to California. We got to stay the night in St. George with Jim's Uncle Dan and Aunt Patty and their family. We love them! They were so good to us. It was wonderful being able to sit and talk with them. They are amazing people!

Then, Tuesday afternoon we headed back to Ridgecrest. It was a long couple of days with about 26 hours of driving and five episodes of car sicknesses, but we made it home safe and sound.

Crazy Weather

I know that this is a little late but at least I finally got around to posting it. We had some crazy weather last week . . . It snowed!!!

It was pretty fun having snow and they even let everyone out early at Jim's work. It was wonderful.

So, we decided to do what almost every family in Ridgecrest did -- we played in the snow. Mosly, that just means we had a snowball fight.

Jim and the kids plotting . . .

Annalee enjoying the snow

Our yard with snow -- it's just crazy to see a palm tree with snow on it.

When I tried taking Violatte to her dance class that day it was so flooded I couldn't get there.