Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fourth of July Children's Program

I think I will forever be behind with this blog, but I did want to post some things that have happened.

This past July Violatte and Annalee participated in a Children's Fourth of July program.  They had an amazing experience, and learned so much!!! (They still sing many of the songs.)

At the performance a friend of mine (Karen M.) took some incredible pictures of my girls.

Here is Violatte in her costume, hair, and makeup done for the performance.

 Here is Annalee in her costume, hair, and makeup for the performance.
 This is Beryer M. and Annalee.  Breyer is one of my girls' favorite friends.
 Here you can see more of Violatte's costume. So cute!
 I worked with these girls to teach them the Military Dance.  We all really struggled and had a lot to figure out with the dance.  But they did so great, and I LOVED working with them.  From left to right they are Diana, Donna Rose, Victoria, Mia, Kylie, and Lydia.  (I'm in the back.)
 Violatte with another shot of her costume.
 I really loved watching my girls dance and sing.  I have more pictures of the event that I will (hopefully) post later.