Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Conversation with Receptionist at Doctor's Office

Me: "I'm here to pay a bill."
Her: "What's the name?"
Me: "Celese Sanders."
{pause while she looks it up}
Her: "Hmm . . . you must mean \seh-lees\."
Me: "No, it's Celese."
Her: "Oh, you spelled it wrong. I'll put a 't' in it for you."
Me: "There is no 't'.
Her: "Oh, you say it wrong then. You mean \seh-lees\, right?"
Me: "No, I really don't. My name is Celese."
Her: "You should put a 't' in it."
Me: "I don't want a 't' in my name. My name is Celese with no 't'."
Her: "Then you say it wrong."
Me:  {Exasperated sound that really I can't write out other than "mgpppfff".}

Yup. That's how the conversation went.  And she was completely serious about it! Wow!