Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wall Climbing

Last week Jim took me rock climbing/wall climbing for a date. I've always wanted to go and never had a chance. One of the times we went for an Elders' Quorum activity I was in labor so I just had to watch.

So, Jim took me to a place here on the base. We had a great time!

Jim climbing. He made it look so easy!

Me climbing. It was a lot more work than I thought! My arms hurt for days!

I made it to the top each time! Amazing.

Jim at the top

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So you know . . .

Annalee (very seriously) had this conversation with me:

A: Mom, if you smell fish . . .
Me: Uh huh
A: . . . and you see grey . . .
Me: ok
A: . . .and you hear a growl . . .
Me: A growl?
A: Yah! And if you see teeth all over . . .
Me: Yes?
A: Then you're in a shark!

Hmm, good to know.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I don't like to write about my accomplishments, but this one means so much to me.

As many of you know, I have been writing for our local newspaper (The Daily Independent) for the past year. I have struggled to feel like I'm good enough or that people like my articles. Lately I have had more and more comments on my articles and more people reading them.

And then today this Letter to the Editor came out. I wish I know who the woman was so I can thank her. It means so much to me!

I tried to scan it in, but it wouldn't work, so I have just copied and pasted what she wrote below.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for excellent writing Celese
By Suzanne Seibel

Celese Sanders’ article in the “Columnist’s Corner” on Aug. 21 was thoroughly delightful! What a talented writer!
The article was entitled, “When life gives you trouble, just laugh.” Her premise is that laughing is a lot more fun than crying and hat finding humor in the stressful situations that we face everyday can make us a healthier, happier person.
She awakened the memories of mothers and grandmothers to the experiences we also had with our young children. I especially enjoyed the line where she declared that her children were “three steps past board and a mile past restless.” Also, that “a moment of silence is the first indication of trouble.” I too found that to be the case when my son was two years old, but I didn’t have the good sense to look at those incidents with a humorous outlook.
Celese’s next article was on Sept. 2 and was titles “Id flying worth the hassle of the airport?” Again she writes with the wonderful ability to catch your attention from the first line and holds your attention until the last line.
Her sentence structure is excellent and her articles are grammatically correct. She expresses what we all encounter at some time in our lives with such humor and common sense that we find ourselves laughing out loud.
In this particular article about flying and airports I really enjoyed the line describing he landing when a little elderly lady asks the pilot, “...if they had just landed or had they been shot down.”
I just recently discovered Celese’s articles and I am so sorry that I missed those in the past but I will be looking forward to those in the future.

Suzanne Seibel