Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Vacation

We had such a wonderful Christmas vacation. My parents, grandparents, and most of my siblings came up to visit. We did a lot of fun things and had a great time. We loved having everyone here! We went to the Murray family farms and got some incredible fruit. We also got to go to the petting zoo. The weather was great and it was great spending so much time outside.

Jenna and Violatte at the petting zoo.

Trissa and Annalee at the petting zoo.

The girls opening their stockings.

Luke's favorite part of his stocking was the orange.

Annalee loved this little car.

Violatte on an airplane teeter-totter we got her.

Luke opening a present.

Pictures, Picture, and more Pictures

It has been such a long time since I've posted anything, so here is a collection of pictures showing what we've done the last few months.

Annalee playing in the leaves

Violatte playing in the leaves

The snowman we built. Isn't he great!?!

Violatte and Santa Clause. We got to see him at the train rides that are run each year. She told him that what she wanted for Christmas was presents.

Annalee told Santa that she wanted presents too.

I love holding my little guy.

Annalee loved the face painting she had done at a fair.

Violatte loved her face painting too.

Getting some cuddle time with Annalee.

This mama goat loved me.

Annalee and Violatte petting a baby goat at the petting zoo.

Luke loved seeing all the animals at the petting zoo.

The kids and I at the petting zoo.

Luke and I on the hay ride at the pumpkin patch.

Annalee and I on a hay ride at the pumpkin patch.

Luke hasn't used a pacifier in a long time. He does like to play with it now and then, though. This is his favorite way of playing with it.