Monday, December 30, 2013

Mothers' Day Card from Violatte

I know Mothers' Day was seven or so months ago, but I still wanted to post this cute card that Violatte made me for me on here so I could always remember it.

This is the front and back of the card.  It says "I love you" on it.  And the title of the card is "All About the World's Best Mom"

 "My mom's name is        Celese Sanders  
She is     27    years old and has    green     eyes and    brown    hair.  Her birthday is    June tenth   .  The is what she looked like when she was a baby."
"Here is a picture of my mom having fun" 
(Just to clarify, my birthday is July tenth, but she was close enough. Also, I LOVED  that she drew me dancing ballet with her for the having fun picture.)
 "My mom is very smart.  She knows all about    writing, music, and cooking   .
I really like my mom because she is    the best mom   .
This is what I like most about her:    she provides me everything I need   .
Whenever we're together, this is what I like to do best:   play Imaginiff   .
Here is a picture of me with my mom:"
(Aww, she is so sweet. I love how in the picture we are dressed exactly alike and walking our dogs!)
 "My mom likes to eat b   brownies   .
Her favorite toys are    a piano   .
She spends most of her time doing these things:    playing the piano and work   .
I think my mom knows how to    cook breads    better than anyone in the world.
I think she likes to spend her time    playing games, the piano, and cutle (cuddle)
The nicest thing my mom ever did for me was:    provide me everything I need.  
I wish I could do something nice for my mom like    bake her a very special bake good.  
My mom makes me feel proud.  I feel proud of her when she    makes very good smoothies.  
 "This is what she looks like today!!!
Once when I was sad my mom made me feel better by c   cuttling (cuddling).   
I like to hug my mom because    she's the best!   
Here is a picture of me hugging my mom:"

 "If I could give my mom a medal, it would look like this: (It says 'You're the best!'
I think my mom and I are like in these ways:    we are a like, we like sleeping, and we both like swimming.   
When I grow up I want to be like my mom because    I get to bake a lot.   
I think my mom is the best in the world because    she is the kindest mom.   "
"Here is my special message to my mom:
   You are the best mom I ever know.  YOu are very specil.  I love you and god loves you.  Always Remember you are very specil
Love, Violatte"