Monday, August 23, 2010

Memory Lane - Luke

Today I am posting some pictures of Luke from a few months ago.

There's no better way to eat than to be a mess! (October 2009)

Daddy did his hair and isn't he just handsome?!? (October 2009)

Checking over his shoulder to see if someone is watching . . . (March 2010)

I just love everything about this little guy -- the face, the smile, the little jeans, the mischeviousness. He is so much fun! (March 2010)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Memory Lane: Pictures of Annalee

Today I wanted to post some pictures of Annalee. Looking back on some of the pictures from last year made me realize how much she is growing up!

Sleeping at lunch time. October 2009

Eating, Messy, and happy about it. October 2009

She loves drawing on the whiteboard. November 2009

Such a cute girl! February 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Violatte's Drawings

Violatte loves to draw and her pictures are more creative and more beautiful every day. I am very impressed with some of her latest pictures so I had to post them on the blog.

This is a picture of a sailboat out on the water. (Those are fish in the water.)

Violatte loves hearts and really loves the color pink. She uses those in a lot of her drawings. (And, may I add that it says, "Mama" around the heart!)

This one is a favorite of mine. She drew this castle all by herself free-hand without even looking at a picture. She just amazes me!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Violatte -- December 2009

I found another picture of Violatte for "Nutcracker" and I just had to post it. She loved having her hair all curled. She is such a beautiful girl!

Memory Lane -- Violatte's dance

Today I am going down memory lane . . .

Violatte loved her dance class. She hasn't taken anything since last December (2009). She was in the nutcracker then. I got a couple of beautiful pictures of her and a video at the dress rehersal for "Nutcracker."

I love this picture of her. Her feet are in third position and she is curtsying so cute.

Here she is dancing

And here is a video of Violatte dancing. I think it is so cute! I just love it! (And, yes, I know it's turned. I'm not quite sure how to fix that.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recommitment and Homeschooling Thoughts

I am recommitting myself (again) to posting one blog a day. I have so many cute pictures of the kids I'd like to post and some fun stories. I just need to make the time. So, hopefully, one blog a day (even if it's short) will help me to get caught up.

I was going to start my postings with one about the kids, but something happened with our homeschooling adventures that I'd like to write about.

After some attempts at homeschooling in the spring I was feeling frustrated and burned out in a matter of weeks. It was too difficult to find the time to create lesson plans, teach those plans, and then still have fun tiem with the kids and accomplish everything else I need to. I was so burned out! It took 3-4 hours of preparation for one hour of school. It was just too much.

So, Jim and I talked and decided to use the K12 program. The curriculum is created by professionals and we really are impressed with it. The books adn supplies and computer are provided and we have the support of the program and teachers in the program. Plus, because it is considered a public school where we live, it is paid for my our taxes.

I was so grateful to learn about this program and be able to use it. There was only one problem: other homeschooling parents see an online program like this as "cheating" or "the worst of both worlds." They feel that I am still subjecting my children to all the negative parts of a public school but taking my time away doing it. I see it as neither.

This established curriculum gives me the freedom to spend fun time wtih my children and it gives me a foundation to build off of on topics that I would like to add. It takes away the stress of designing curriculum and the time of preparing. Plus, I feel like it is right. So, for all of you homeschooling parents out there: No need to criticize my decisions. I am doing what I feel is right so you would just be wasting your breath arguing with me.

So, now I've got that off my chest I feel so much better. :)