Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Annalee's prayer tonight

Kids say the greatest things in prayers. I always forget what they say before I can write them down, but tonight I paid very close attention as Annalee prayed so I could post it here.  Her prayer went like this:

"Please bless that everyone who is sick can get well -- everyone in any village on the world or on the sun.  Please bless that all the boys and girls who are heaven can come back to life, and that it can be right away when Heavenly Father and Jesus come down.  And if they don't hurry and come soon please let them come to our house instead . . . amen."

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kids' Sayings

The kids have said some really funny things lately that I've wanted to remember.  I thought you all might enjoy them too!

At the dinner table I was asking Jim what he wanted for a Father's Day present.  We were having a long conversation as I tried to figure out what he wanted most, not just what was most logical.  Near the end of the conversation, he turned to Annalee and asked her what she thought.
Without a pause, Annalee said, "Dad, you want cookies", and went right back to eating.  We just had to laugh. Of course a five year old would know that a Dad would want cookies for Father's Day.

Bad Guys
We went to a downtown open market thing where lots of stores were open in the evening and we walked around and visit all the stores.  We were having a really good time.
As Jim and girls were in a bike store, Luke and I went into a girls store (one with purses and jewelry and things).  I was just wandering around looking at things and the lady came up to us and asked us if we wanted anything.  Luke looked straight at her and said (loudly), "I WANT TO GET THE BAD GUYS!"
The lady and I both bust up laughing.  It was so incredibly random, but the serious look on his face showed us how sincere he was.  What a funny kid!

Touch of the Master's Hand
Tonight we were watching "The Touch of the Master's Hand" and all of the way through it I was explaining how the story related to us and how much our Savior and Heavenly Father love us.  I also explained how no matter how broken we feel, if we let the Savior help us, we can be healed and brand new again.  It was a wonderful lesson and I just loved the story and how good it all felt as we talked about it.
When the movie ended, I asked the girls what they learned from it.  Annalee replied, "Don't jump off a bridge."  And Violatte added, "And don't use a violin to play with a cat."
Really?  I mean, truly? I honestly thought they had listened.  They had even responded to my questions and what I had said during the movie! I had thought more had sunk in than that!

Feeling Fat
Annalee: Mom, are you going to have a baby?
Me: No, why do you ask?
Annalee: Because you are getting really fat.
Me: Oh.
Annalee: You know, Mom, if you are trying to get fat, the least you could do is have a baby.
Me: *sigh*