Saturday, July 18, 2009


We got a new kitten a few weeks ago. We named her Elipse. She is a really funny cat. She is the most klutzy cat I have ever seen. She is always falling off of things and running into things. It's pretty funny. She is also very playful and loves to chase a ball around the house or to bat at the plants. She has been so fun to have around. This is a short video of her watching the mouse on the computer.

Playday At the Park

We love going to the park. We go pretty much every Wednesday. The kids love it and we stay as long as we can until it gets too hot.

Violatte loves roller-skating. She has some cute roller-skates that she uses.

Annalee is so cute in the swings. She could swing forever!

Luke actually loves swinging too. He kind of cuddles up in the swing and just enjoys it.

And, of course, a cute picture of Luke!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Luke's Giggles

Luke makes the funniest, cutest noises. I hope you all enjoy the video.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Declaration of Independence

Usually I don't write on this blog because Celese does a good job. However, this is something I wanted to share. On July 4th I finished reading "Glenn Beck's Common Sense" and as I pondered our freedom and independence I felt inspired to write this.

Just click on the picture to see it larger.

Camping in the Heat

We went camping last night in our backyard. The girls have been asking to camping for quite a few days now. We thought it would be fun, but it was so hot! I never thought there was such a thing as it being to hot to go camping. All my memories of camping involved sweaters, socks and lots of extra blankets to keep warm. It was pretty miserable, though, until about 11:00. The girls didn't seem to mind, though. They asked to go again tonight.


I experienced my first earthquake a few days ago and I thought I should write about it. It was pretty small, but definitely memorable for me since it was the first one I had ever noticed. It felt to me like a mini roller-coaster ride. (And for those of you who know me well, I hate roller-coasters!) It felt like a little up-down motion. At least that's how I can best describe it. My stomach rolled and my heart beat fast for quite a few minutes. Crazy! I never knew such a little thing would have such an affect on me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

The kids have said and done some funny things lately.

Violatte: Mom, you're tummy is big. Wow! I can see it! It's really big!

Annalee: (When she found a toy doll that had the leg broken off) I think it needs a band-aid.

Violatte: Mommy, I think you should get married again to Daddy. I want to come see you!

Luke now knows how to pick up his binky and put it in his mouth. He's getting so big!

We got a kitten and we named her "Elipse" but the girls just call her "Lips"

Today Violatte drew two pictures. One happy face and one sad face. She said they were both Annalee. The sad face is because they can't see Grandma and Grandpa yet and the happy face is for when they get to see them.

Luke "talks" so much! I've had to leave Relief Society almost every single week because he is so noisy we can't hear the teacher!

Violatte has already packed her bags for the the trip to Utah and Colorado

Violatte told me today that the blister she got "threw up." (blech!)

Luke rolls all over the place. I have to watch him really close or he will roll across the room and into something.

Violatte really is curious about getting married. She keeps talking about when she is big like me and is old like me and can get married. We've had to explain that she can't marry her Daddy or her brother so now she can't figure out who she's going to marry.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Luke Giving Kisses

Luke loves to give kisses. It's too cute! Here is a short video of him giving me a kiss. (Ignore my high-pitched baby talk. I didn't realize it sounds so silly until I watched the video!)