Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Hobby

A few months ago some friends invited us to go shooting with them. I enjoyed myself so much more than I thought I would. We not only enjoyed it, but we felt like it could be very beneficial in keeping our family safe.

After a couple of scary incidents we decided to get a handgun for each of us. We have both also applied for CCWs (to carry a concealed weapon.)

I'm proud to say that I've gotten to be a pretty good shot -- as has Jim. We enjoy going out to the range to practice. It's become a great new hobby for both of us.

Jim trying out his gun.

Taking my turn

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Luke's First Birthday

I cannot believe my baby is a year old now. He is getting so big so fast. It's hard to see him growing up, but I do love seeing him grow and learn. Here is his chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (as tradition).

Luke loved the singing and the candle. He couldn't wait to get to the cake, though!

Ready . . .

. . . set . . .


Luke liked playing with it more than eating it.

He was one happy boy!

Luke had to make sure he got every last bite.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day cards

This year we decided to make the Valentines' Day cards for Violatte's class. I looked online and found some cute ideas . . . then simplified them. They turned out pretty cute and only took us a little over an hour to make 20. This is how they look.

We made a little flower pot out of paper and then taped a packet of seeds inside.
The heart says, "I hope our friendship blooms."
Then, inside of it, Violatte signed her name. She did such a good job!

Violatte with one of the Valentines we made. She was proud and so excited to take them to school.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Girls' Drawings

Both Violatte and Annalee love to draw. Here are some of their more recent pictures.

Violatte drew this one. I think it's of herself.

Another cute one by Violatte

Jim's drawing (typical guy stuff)

Violatte's version of Jim's picture

Violatte's drawing of a heart. It amazes me how it actually looks so much like a human heart.

This is probably my favorite picture ever that Violatte has drawn. It's a row of sunflowers. She is a good little artist.

One day Violatte really wanted me to draw a picture for her while she was at school. This is what I drew.

Violatte liked the way I drew the heart and the picture that she did her version of it. I love this one.

The main thing Annalee draws is circles. Lots of them.

Violatte loves to draw rainbows.

Annalee's drawing of Mommy

Violatte's drawing of Mommy

Violatte's picture of Jo Jo (The dog we used to have) and Elipse (our cat).

Violatte drew herself next to a Christmas tree.

Violatte's picture of herself with a light saber.

Violatte's picture of a Christmas tree. She got really good at drawing these.

Violatte's picture of a Gingerbread Yoda (like the one Jim made at Christmas)