Monday, April 5, 2010

Redlands Temple

In March I went to Ontario for a Mary Kay Career Conference. Since the Redlands temple was only half an hour away I decided to go down a little early and attend the temple. It was wonderful. The sweet women that were there were so kind and loving. Some of them were even so grateful that I was there to serve that they gave me hugs. I loved it. I took this picture on my way out of the temple. I love the peace that comes with serving in the House of the Lord.

Hair Salon at home

I've really wanted to try different hairstyles with the girls. One of my friends listed some websites on her blog that gave ideas. It was fun to try them and the girls seemed to like it. It was kind of hard with their short hair so I'm looking forward to trying it when their hair is a little longer.

Here are the finished pictures.

Violatte's hair -- this was half of a spider web kind of thing. I added the flowers -- I think the girls look so cute with flowers in their hair!

Annalee's hair -- I'm not sure what this one was called.

The Websites I got my inspiration from are:

Violatte's Birthday

I am very late posting this, but on March 28th Violatte turned 5 years old!!!
It's so hard for me to see her growing up like this. She seems more and more like a big girl each day. Here are the pictures from her special day.

Violatte and her birthday cake. When we asked her what kind of cake she said, "Chocolate chip, marshmallow, strawberry cake." She also joked about green bean frosting. So, I made a chocolate cake with marshmallows spelling out the number 5, green frosting that said, "Happy Birthday Violatte" and strawberries. I think it turned out just like she wanted. Silly girl.

Violatte's pajamas that she got from her Grandpa and Grandma Sanders.

Violatte in the new dress that her Grandpa and Grandma Sanders gave her. It is so perfect for her! She loves it!

The quilt I made for Violatte. I didn't qite have it finished for her birthday (but it is now!)

We love you Violatte!!!