Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ethiopia (Post 3)

Wow. It has been really hard for me to find the time to sit down and write more blogs. I just am having such a hard time keeping up with everything.
Today I want to write about a couple of the places that we visited.  The first one is a little ice cream shop.  The shop is very close to the MAI building that we spent a lot of time at. They served Italian Ice.  We went there a couple of times. I loved it.  

This is a view of the door and the street from inside of the shop.  It was kept really clean. It was one of the nicest shops we saw.  I really loved it there.

If you notice, on the ceiling there were burlap sacks.

This view is from one of the swings.  Inside of the shop there were tables as well as some porch swings that you could sit on to eat.  The back of the shop was painted like Italy.

Nati, Kate, and Ronelle at the ice cream shop.

Quote of the Day -- Annalee

Annalee: Mom, what color are my eyes? Me: They are blue, sweetie. Annalee: Oh good! I'm still beautiful!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ethiopia (Post 2)

Here are a few more pictures of our trip to Africa.
We spent some time with a company called Morrell Agro Industries. I absolutely love the people!!! I really miss them too. The company has a guest house behind the office building so we got to see that and meet more people. These pictures are from that. (I wish I had gotten pictures of the other people we talked to!)

This picture is of Nati and Ronelle. Nati was our tour guide/interpreter. He was fantastic! He helped us so much. We really miss him! Ronelle is a friend from my ward that went with us on the trip.

This is Gemina and I. She is such a cute and funny girl! She takes care of the guest house. We got to spend some time with her in Shashamene and Awassa too. She is so sweet.

This is the gardner for the guest house. He was so kind and he made me laugh. In this picture he is cutting the grass with some shears. It was a big job. I asked him about a plant I saw and he told me it saw sugar cane. Then, he ran and got a knife and cut some down so we could try it.

Here is Jim eating the sugar cane. It was really good! You just chew it and get all the juice then spit it out. I really loved it!

All of us forengi got the sugar cane stuck in our teeth or couldn't tear it, but Nati was a pro at eating it.